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It is that time of year! Elections for 2022-2023 will be a busy one. The future of our state organization, and the advancement of the field in the state of Ohio, is dependent on the participation of our members at the board level of the organization. The typical time commitment of a board member is about two hours a month (one hour board meeting and up to one additional hour a month pending needs of the organization/upcoming events).

The elections will run from October 1-15th using Election Runner. The results will be announced October 16th. Winners will be asked to attend their first board meeting on the second Sunday of November and the second Sunday of each month during their term.

Nomination Criteria:

  • ·        All nominees must be paid members of ORTA. All membership levels are eligible for board positions.
  • ·        Nominations can be self-nominations or from others. Individuals being nominated must accept the nomination to be on the ballot.

The following positions are up for election:

PRESIDENT-ELECT:  The President-Elect shall act in place of the President in his or her absence or disability and shall perform such other duties as the President or Board of Directors may designate.  When acting as President of the Corporation, the President-Elect shall have all power and authority of the President. The president elect transition to president after one year of service and to president-elect after two years of service. 3 year term

SECRETARY:  It shall be the duty of the Secretary to be the secretary of all meetings of the Board of Directors and to act as custodian of the minutes of all corporate meetings and proceedings, to keep all other records of the Board of Directors and of the Corporation, to issue such notices as may be required by the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and to perform such other acts as the President or the Board of Directors may direct. 2 year term


TREASURER:  The Treasurer shall supervise the custody of the funds and securities of the Corporation; cause full and accurate accounting of receipts and disbursements to be kept; cause all funds and properties of the Corporation to be held or deposited in such depositories as may be designated by the Board of Directors; cause the funds of the Corporation to be disbursed as may be ordered by the Board of Directors; cause a report to be made at its regular meeting, or whenever the Board of Directors may require it, of all transactions and the financial condition of the Corporation; and perform such other duties as the Board of Directors from time to time shall prescribe. 1 year term


MEMBER-AT-LARGE:  The Member-at-Large shall be responsible for marketing and advancement of the profession and corporation through providing leadership for the organization in areas such as, but not limited to, presentations, career fairs, newsletter articles, and direct mailings to the general public. The Member-at-Large shall also maintain accurate records of current members of the Corporation and provide leadership in the tasks decided upon by the overall board. 2 year term


STUDENT MEMBER(S):  The Student Member(s) are the primary liaison to students at colleges and universities within the geographical boundaries of the corporation.  This office has primary responsibility for recruitment of student members to the Corporation. This position will also help chair one committee within the organization. 1 year term

See nomination form below. If you have any questions about being on the Board of Directors please email ORTA at OhioRTA@gmail.com.

Your ORTA Elections Committee


Board of Directors - Nomination Form


Must be submitted no later than September 22, 2022 to OhioRTA@gmail.com. Please use BOD Nomination in the subject line.

Name of nominee:

Name of person nominating (other than self):


Position(s) of interest:


Why would you like to join the ORTA Board of Directors, hold the specific position, and/or why are you nominating this person for office?

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